Large Shadow Box is 14" x 14"
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“I gave the card to my friend with cancer on the day it was my turn to bring her food. She was enthralled by it and gave it a special place on her refrigerator apart from her wall of cards that everyone else sent. I was so happy to be able to give it to her because it took the food gift that I was giving and elevated it into the realm of the sacred in a visual and tangible way.”
-Peggy Kelsey,
Afghan Women’s Project, Austin, Texas

The Blessing Project™ opens hearts through powerful messages incorporated in exquisite art.

The items made from natural elements (beads, paper, fabric, yarns, etc) by indigenous women's villages and cooperatives are lovingly crafted and assembled by divinely inspired artists in North America.

Infused with blessing, these art pieces find their way to joyous gatherings, a workplace or a single pillow at bedtime delighting and awakening a strand of remembrance that unites minds, hearts and souls.


We are currently attending many high profile speaking engagements, international conferences and workshops, as well as guest appearances on television and radio shows.... all to introduce the compelling story of The Blessing Project™ and how it is opening hearts while linking women across the globe. An exponential shift in consciousness and action is occurring because one woman said yes to this divinely inspired project.

The purchase of items beautifully transformed from natural elements by women in indigenous women’s villages and cooperatives around the globe create a livelihood that is changing families and communities.

These items are then lovingly crafted by divinely inspired artists in North America, "Light Workers", to create exquisite, one-of-a-kind works of art infused with a blessing that transcends all traditions to convey the true heart of spirituality. The Light Workers experience a profound sense of connection with their sisters across the globe in providing hope for blessing across our planet while experiencing more meaning and purpose in their own lives.

The result of these combined efforts is a beautiful piece of three dimensional art which, combined with powerful messages, creates a heart-opening experience for not only the person receiving the art but also every person with whom they come into contact.

The artwork, which comes in a variety of mediums, is sold and the profits used to start the cycle again in new villages across the globe where women work diligently to improve their communities while expanding the cadre of “Light Workers” who find increased meaning in their lives through this service of love.